[Again, I was inactive for some time oops.

I was busy with church and school (the school year just ended).]

But I have planned this post for a long time already( actually ever since I created the blog).

It would have fit in better, if I had posted it during June(pride month), but on the other side it is a big issue in our daily life anyway.

What do I think about it? 

We need to get rid of it.

A lot of people still say things “I am not homophobic, but…” (as well as “I am not racist, but…) and then proceed to be homophobic.

There is an internalized homophobia almost in all of us.

I know on my own example that you cannot just STOP being homophobic in one minute.

It is a process, when you realize more and more that homosexuality perfectly normal.

For me the first step, is realizing that you are wrong and wanting to change.

I remember, when I was younger of course, knowing how wrong homophobia was, but there was still the internalized homophobia in me.

It is in our society.

So many pretend to be open and “woke”, when in their heart and mind they just are not.

That way our society won’t change, pretending will never help.

On the other hand there are luckily so many people that actually understand that being homosexual is nothing bad.

Now onto the other point I wanted to write about:

Why are people homophobic?

As I said there is internalized homophobia, people grew up with the society telling them it is bad and they cannot get rid of it easily because it is “engraved in their minds”.

Of course the upbringing and environment you grow up matters too.

For example some of my relatives in Belarus, they are not uneducated people in a lot of ways.

But they are still homophobic, because in their society they do not see the need to change.

They don’t want to improve in their way of seeing the world, if I can put it that way.

It doesn’t make the bad people in my opinion, but it does make them ignorant people.

Many people say that being homosexual isn’t “natural”, but wasn’t it created by the nature?

Isn’t it way more natural than…let’s say cars?

We all have room to improve and our society(societies) too.

Hope you had fun reading 🙂

– Soap 🐷
PS: my upcoming blog post might be about a similar topic?”the debate about boys wearing skirts”

about me

Hello everyone 🥺,

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this right here is my first official post on my own blog.
I decided to introduce myself.
Honestly, I am not a very cool or super interesting person. But I don’t have to be.
In the first place I am doing it for myself(do people even read blogs these days?)

So, about me.
My name is Sofia(my besties call me soap 🙂 and I am 15.
If you are wondering about the name of this blog  it is a combination of my nickname and pig 🐷 , because I just LOVE pigs.
(Of course I am vegetarian 🌱, I would feel so bad if I liked pigs and at the same time would eat them.
I have been since I was 11.
But I know that going vegetarian 🌱 isn’t for everyone and I wouldn’t ever try to force my opinions onto anyone. To be honest I simply have never liked the taste of meat, thus it was easy for me.)

Whenever someone asks me where I am from, I always hesitate.
It is a little complicated.

My whole family is from Belarus(except for some relatives on my dad’s side that are from Ukraine) and I was born there.
When I turned  6 I went to school there for one month(after living in Minsk, the capital, and changing a few kindergartens, I moved to my mom’s family’s city).
And then suddenly my parents had the chance to move to Germany 🇩🇪.

Since then I have lived in 4 cities here.

Next school year I will attend my 8th school 🏫  in total (for the first time I am switching schools for my own personal reasons 😉 )

To many it might seem too much, but I swear, every time I have moved, something changed.
I could never imagine going back.
Every time I grew up a little more.

Never ever would I say that moving so much only has positive aspects.

The negative aspects are:

-I have a little identity crisis :/
People in Germany see me as Russian even if I tell them a thousand times that I am not.
I don’t feel German enough, but at the same time I am just not Belarusian enough.
Because I don’t live there.
Thus I do everything in English, I would feel bad for thinking in German, but I often don’t have enough experience to do things in Russian.
Even though I speak it at home, sometimes it is hard for me to express myself.

Another thing I feel bad about: I don’t speak my country’s language(Belarusian).
Even though I do understand it, I don’t speak it it.
It is embarrassing.
But many Belarusians don’t. 

-I get bored easily 

Some days I just have this feeling,

this need to change things completely and to move on.

I get bored of my home, my city, my school and the people around me.

What I want is to see something new.
A new place, a new country.
The whole world 🗺.

about my interests:
I have always been interested in learning about others, about different cultures and languages.
the languages I am learning: 
-English(I am not bad at it, but there is always room for improvement),
 -French(since 7th grade at school),
 -Spanish (extracurricular at school since grade 9)
– Korean(extracurricular, I started this year at school, but learned some things on my own before)
the languages I want to learn:
 -Italian( I signed up for next school year, I hope so much that I will be able to do it and Spanish at the same time)
-Mandarin (I signed up for it in 8th grade and started it, but then I moved.I believe that Mandarin is a language one really needs a teacher for.)
-Belarusian (passively I am learning some things, but I want to be more active)

-Japanese (I learned some things on my own in 6th/7th grade, but I don’t really remember anything)
-there are so many  more, but these are my goals for the near future 

-reading 📖 (mostly in English, I am loving Agatha Christie at the moment )
– fashion (I want to learn how to sew—> sustainability)
-psychology( I want to become a psychologist, even though I am terrible at Maths—> I want to improve and I am working on it)
-I am training to become a church guide at my local church ⛪️ ( as a part-time-job on weekends).And I love it.
-Kpop and Kdrama(don’t judge me please, because a lot of people do)
things I am extremely bad at:
-karate ( I did it for one year and realized that it is just not for me, I am planning on trying tennis as soon as possible)
-sports in general, even though I don’t hate it
-MATHS (but I want to change that )
++ I am very shy, I like to talk to people and in my mind I am extroverted.Sadly, I get anxious a lot.But I am working on it.I don’t want my social anxiety to stop me from living the life I want(it is going to be a topic for one of my upcoming blog posts).
Goodbye, if you have read this far…thank you so so much for taking time to read this long ass (and not even interesting or educating) blog post.With time I will improve my writing skills, I promise! 🧚‍♀️✨🧚‍♀️

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my name is sofia (my besties call me soap + I love pigs) and I am 15.

this blog is for fun only, but I hope you will find some of my posts here interesting 🙂

it does not really have a “theme”, I will just blog about my life and things I like.

“The possibility of all these possibilities being possible is just another possibility that can possibly happen”-Mark Lee